Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Well hmm... i'm not quite sure how to go about this. . but uh.. okay?
I guess i'll start right out by saying that i'm a Band Geek, Basketball player, and a leader in my student government. i really honestly have no life, and that would be my main reason for doing this. Haha. i was watching the news in my history class, when i saw a topic about Blogging being discussed, so i wrote down the web address and checked it out.
Here i am, sitting in my basketball jersey, after my game. I'm feeling sorta like. .. i'm talking to myself but that's alright! ;-)

I'm from Michigan, and i'm really not enjoying our weather. It is rainy and cold, but hey. . . .! i'm sure the weather will change in 5 minutes, so i won't worry about it! What i am worried about is my spanish exam. I find it outrageous how selfish the teachers are these days. They give us an hour of homework for each class, and expect us to do it all. HOW ARE W SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?? IS THAT HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO DO, WHILE CARRYING-OUT A SOCIAL LIFE?? I really don't know if it is.

I must go do my spanish, history, and english. oh joy!

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